Sophie Monk pulled off a number of stunts at the ARIA Awards last night, both on and off the red carpet.

No doubt you saw the footage of Sophie posing on the red carpet with her assistants blowing her with Makita leaf blowers. HILARIOUS!

But her real iconic moment from the ARIAs really came on stage when Soph went back to her Bardot singing roots and presented her own take on a Britney Spears classic.

Early on in the night, Robert Irwin, took to the stage at The Star with a python named Larry, asking the audience if anyone wanted to come up and meet him.

While we would’ve immediately legged it out of there, Sophie went up on stage and lived her Britney Spears fantasy.


As the youngest Irwin placed the snake around Sophie’s neck she said, “I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life like Britney Spears”.

“i feel like I’m the bogan Britney Spears right now,” she continued. “Can I sing? This is probably my only opportunity!”

And then she broke out in song, giving us a sultry rendition of ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’, which of course you’ll remember Britney famously danced with a yellow python at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2001.

Unfortunately Soph couldn’t get too far before she started freaking out.

“Hang on… it’s doing something weird right now,” she began to panic as Robert stepped in like the wildlife warrior he is and helped her.

Check out the footage for yourself in the video above!

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