From day dot of this season of the Bachelorette everyone in Australia thought that Luke had this in the bag.

In fact, he was even Jackie’s pick for the winner of Sophie Monk’s heart ever since the group shot of the Bachelors was unveiled online.

But sadly, we were all wrong and hearts broke around the country as poor Luke was sent home from the mansion on Wednesday night’s episode.

Of course, we were all left wondering two things:

1. What is Luke’s number? Because we’re happy to take one for the team and cheer him up after his heartbreak


To us at home, he seemed like the perfect guy. Down to earth, genuine, and VERY easy on the eyes, and so we couldn’t understand why he didn’t make it to the finale, let alone the top seven!


But according to Sophie something happened with Luke that we didn’t really get to see on TV, and she came on air with Kyle and Jackie O this morning to clarify exactly what had happened between them.

According to Soph, Luke started to pull back once she started going on dates with the other guys in the house.

“I hadn’t formed a connection with the others but with him I had and I felt disappointed, like that really hurt me,” Sophie revealed to Kyle and Jackie.

Looks like the one thing we can learn from this is that Sophie is not messing around when it comes to finding the love of her life.

And while we don’t recommend the fellas to take a leaf out of Jarrod’s book and become a stage five clinger, you certainly shouldn’t let the other guys in the house intimidate you!

We can’t wait to see who Sophie does choose in the end! The Bachelorette continues on Wednesday at 7.30pm on TEN.

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