This morning we spoke to Bachelorette star and friend of the show, Sophie Monk.

There were a lot of questions thrown her way, mostly about the lucky man who was chosen… and mostly about their intimacy, by Kyle.

Suddenly shy Sophie didn’t answer Kyle’s curly questions, instead keeping ‘mum’ on the details, aside from the guarantee that ‘everything is great’ there.

Then Jackie asked the things we all wanted to know…

‘What were you doing with Matty J the other day? You two were having lunch together?’


‘Oh no he’s a legend, you haven’t met him properly have you Kyle? Sophie replied.

‘I’ve met him five times now…’ Kyle answered.

‘You know he’s lovely… we just met up for lunch, we’ve got the same friends,’ Sophie explained.

‘Oh okay, so you were just chatting about the whole experience and stuff.’

‘Yeah, yeah.’

‘So he was helping you navigate the tricky world of the Bachelorette?’ Kyle asked.


‘Oh you know me, I’m so stubborn I’ll do it my way anyway.’

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