This morning Sophie Monk and her new beau, Stu, came on the show to catch up with Kyle and Jackie O.

The loved-up pair filled us in about what life has been like for the past two months, as they kept their relationship a secret from the public.

However, when Pete moved the pot plant from in front of Sophie’s face for the cameras, Kyle arked up, ‘Excuse me Peter! What are you doing with that plant? That’s JARROD’S PLANT! It’s ‘plants out for Jarrod!’

‘Can I give you an exclusive about the pot plant no-one knows?’ Sophie asked.

‘Yes, yes!’ the guys exclaimed.

‘I just found this out the other day, that my assistant wanted the plant to grow so badly, that she replaced it with a [new, grown] plant.


‘So no plant ‘grew’.

‘No-one peed in the [Jarrod’s] pot plant, my plant didn’t grow.’

‘Urine killed the plant and then a new plant was brought in?’ Kyle tried to clarify.

‘No, you know how I said my plant grew? That’s what it was all about? My plant didn’t grow,’ she explained.

‘My assistant replaced it with a fake plant and didn’t tell me!’

’So, maybe no-one peed in the pot plant?’ Jackie asked.


‘No I don’t think anyone did!’ Soph said.

‘I think someone peed in Jarrod’s pot plant, but I can’t be too sure…’ Stu finished.


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