Love Island might be filmed over in Spain but the backstage experience to the show is happening right here in Sydney on the Kyle and Jackie O Show.

Thanks to our great friendship with host of the reality dating show Sophie Monk we can get the inside scoop on all of the rumours and gossip floating around about the show and the contestants on it.

Today on the show we addressed a number of rumours with the Monk, including the latest gossip making the rounds that one of the more controversial contestants that had already been evicted from the villa, Cassidy, would be heading back in for round two!

“Is there any truth to the fact that Cassidy might enter the house?” asked Jackie.

Rumours have been circling for a number of days that the 23-year-old had unfinished business in the Villa, i.e. more Tayla and Grant tormenting to do. 


In response to the question Sophie admitted that producers of Love Island try not to reveal too much information to her until the last minute, most likely because she comes on our show and spills it to us, but she did admit something VERY interesting…

An ex is entering the Love Island Villa!!

“I did a promo today, they’re going to hate me for this, saying an ex might come in or something,” revealed Sophie. “So I don’t know what that means again but you never know.”

This was all the info that Sophie had on the subject so far, but we have our own theories on who this ‘ex’ might be that’s no doubt going to stir up some drama in the house.


Of course if we interpret the word ‘ex’ as being an ex contestant from the show than our immediate thought is that Cassidy will re-enter the villa.

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I’ve officially swapped bikinis for turtles necks now that I’m back in Melbourne! I’ve had the best weekend catching up with friends and family. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has supported me and continues to support me 💕 being home has allowed me to reflect on my time in the villa and the absolute whirlwind of an experience on Love Island. I have made lifelong friendships with some amazing people in the villa, and wish them nothing but love and happiness on their journey to finding true love. I went on Love Island for one thing only. To find love. I in no way set out to hurt anyone and although it could have been portrayed in that light, it was definitely not my intention. On this I would just like to reiterate the fact that you did see a true side of me, but it was only a small 1 hour snippet from 24 hours. There was a lot more going on behind closed doors, probably more of me crying too lol. Love island was one of the hardest experiences I’ve had to face, but it was also one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had. I’ve learnt to stay true to myself and stand up for what I think is right. After all if you don’t stay true to yourself, and make the hard decisions on what’s best for you, then how can you stay true to anyone else. @loveislandau #loveislandau

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Even though an audience vote sent Cassidy home, there’s been enormous support for the blonde bombshell online since her departure and so we’re sure that viewers would be keen to see her back in Spain.

Not only that, but ex-contestants have been sent back into the house before on the UK version of the show with some season 3 favourites returning for a second shot at love.

Sophie also told us that she has said in a different promo that no new contestants would be heading into the villa from now on. But of course, Cassidy would not be a new contestant and so her return could be a real possibility.

Eden’s ‘Recent’ Ex-Girlfriend:


Another theory is that the ‘ex’ is in reference to a former girlfriend or boyfriend of one of the contestants from the outside world.

“When you say ex you mean proper ex or just coupled with ex?” asked Jackie during our convo with Sophie.

“No I did the promo lines, they just said ‘ex’ so that could mean anything,” replied Sophie.

So if it were to be an ex from the outside, it’s likely that they would pick someone who is a recent ex and someone who will shake things up. The obvious choice here would be to find an ex of Eden to rile up over-protective Erin.

Jackie also reminded us about the rumours that Eden dumped his girlfriend just one week before entering the love island villa and so if this girl was heading to Spain it would create some AMAZING drama for the most loved up couple.


Grant’s rumoured girlfriend on the outside:

If we stick to the theory that the ‘ex’ entering the villa is someone we haven’t met before from the outside then it may also be the girl who is rumoured to still be dating Mr Grant Crapp.

The rumour here is that Grant had a pact with his girlfriend on the outside for him to enter the villa to promote his brand and have a chance at winning the big bucks at the end but then they would get back together when the show ends.

Although Grant looks incredibly loved up with Tayla, we actually think this is a plausible theory because our team of producers have apparently found and tried to contact Grant’s so called ‘girlfriend’ on the outside but can’t get a response from her.


Could this be because she is in lockdown and about to enter the love island villa?

Who do you think the ‘ex’ is entering the villa? No matter who it is, we have no doubt it’s going to create some AMAZING TV!

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