Sophie Monk joined the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning with the purpose of chatting about her show that’s about to start on Channel 9, Love Island season two.

But before we could get into all of the juicy details about the sexy singles that are about to head into the Love Island villa, Sophie had to first address some rumours about another TV show starring our very own Jackie O.

Ever since The Masked Singer Australia kicked off, people have been so certain that Sophie is on there singing behind the Unicorn mask.

Not only does the voice sound like Sophie, but there’s been lots of clues that appear to reference The Bachelorette and the fact that the Unicorn was in a girl band, which people think relate to Sophie’s journey to find love and her time in the band Bardot.

But it turns out that these guesses are completely wrong! Sophie told us this morning that she is NOT the Unicorn!

“People deadset think I’m on the Masked Singer,” Sophie told us. “Every interview I’m doing to talk about Love Island, they’re like, ‘We know you’re on the Masked Singer’. But we’re opposite networks!”

“A lot of people are guessing you Soph! Which one do they think you are the most?” Jackie asked.


“The Unicorn,” Sophie revealed.

If you want to see some of the clues for The Unicorn and why people might think it’s Sophie hiding under there, you can see them here!


“It really added up to be you,” Jackie said

“But it’s not,” Sophie revealed.

But as for who the Unicorn really could be, well Sophie took a stab in the dark and said that she thought it could be a fellow Bachelorette, Georgia Love.

“Who else could it possibly be with those clues?” Kyle asked.

“Georgia Love?” Sophie asked.


After all, Georgia Love is part of the Network 10 family so it would make sense!

But what was crazy was that this guess actually sent Jackie pretty silent, which made Kyle think that Sophie had got it right!

“Jackie you’ve gone weird, obviously we’ve confirmed,” Kyle said as Jackie laughed.

Could Georgia Love be under the Unicorn mask? We guess we’ll just have to wait and see for sure!

The Masked Singer continues Monday 7:30pm on Channel 10.