Something like this could only happen to Sophie Monk…She tried to become a hero but it quickly backfired.

While speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Soph told the guys what she had been getting up to over in Spain while she’s not busy on the set of Love Island. Including, accidentally kidnapping children.

The incident occurred when Sophie was walking in the lobby of her hotel and she came across a commotion. She thought to herself, ‘this is my moment to become a hero’ but sadly she was very wrong.

“So I walked into the hotel, and it’s a big hotel with children and parents, and I saw all these parents running just going, ‘we need to find these kids’,” explained Sophie.

Overhearing the panic in the parents’ voices Sophie decided to ask what had happened so that she could help them out. She thought that if she could save the day that she would make international headlines as some sort of hero.


“So I’m running through looking for this kid and they went, ‘he’s four-years-old and he’s in a soccer outfit’, and I went ‘DONE!’,” explained Sophie. “I was sprinting, I went to toilets, I went everywhere.”

Eventually, Sophie locked her eyes on the prize. She spotted a young boy in a soccer outfit and thought she had saved the day. She could already see the headlines, ‘Sophie is the hero’. And so she grabbed the boy and told him to come with her.

“I just grabbed him by the arm and went, ‘hey, everyone’s looking for you, you come with me now’’”, continued Soph.

And so without question the boy began to follow Sophie. She could already hear super hero music in her head and could imagine the praise that she was about to receive for her heroic efforts. But what Sophie didn’t realise, was that she had made one BIG mistake.

“I hear this man go, ‘what are you doing with my son!’ And then I realised I was in Europe and there’s a World Cup so every four-year-old was wearing a soccer outfit,” admitted Sophie. “So yeah I kidnapped a kid by accident.”


Sophie hadn’t realised that the actual missing child had already been located! God love ya Soph! Hear her explaining the hilarious story in the video above!

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