Something wonderful is happening across Australia’s public transport at the moment.

Books On The Rail are a national organisation who are pretty keen for Australians to keep sharing the books they love the most with the rest of the world.

And the best way to do that? By leaving your favourite literary masterpiece behind you when you get off the train tomorrow morning.

“We went out and left some of our favourite books on the Melbourne Metro, trams and buses,” the group’s website reads.

“They’re there to be taken, read, shared and most importantly, enjoyed! 

“We’d love for you to join us and leave some of your books on the Metro – after all, a good read cheers us all up.”


Cute, right?

Books On The Rail are also calling on any aspiring writers and publishers to start leaving their new works around, too, to give some of the incredible, untapped talent hiding out there a chance to shine.

Oh, and the best part is there’s absolutely no catch; if you come across a novel, play or script with a Books On The Rail sticker, it’s yours to keep! 

The organisation just asks that you share your discovery with the rest of the world, at first with a very modern #BooksOnTheRail hashtag and then by passing on the book yourself next time you get off the 8.53am commuter.


How much better did your morning trip just get?

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