It’s only been a few months since the alleged Armie Hammer cannibal drama came to a head earlier this year but someone’s already ahead of the game with a tell-all documentary.

Apparently, according to Deadline (the irony of this name is not lost on me), his own auntie has decided to take part in this limited series where she spills the tea of his family history and deep dark secrets.


I’m already sold, but the series is still trying to be… shopping around for the right streaming service for what I assume is the right price.

Casey Hammer is no stranger to narc-ing on her family, she took a huge part in the Vanity Fair exposé that changed everything and has a self-published book called ‘Surviving My Birthright’ where she reveals she was sexually abused as a child by her father/

This book was published in 2015 years before any drama started with her nephew Armie, “Now, for the first time, Casey Hammer will tell not just her story, but the definitive family history, leaving no stone unturned,” the synopsis reveals.

“With new unfolding revelations and present-day consequences, this mini-series will provide audiences with a riveting journey into a family where reputation is everything and where things are never how they appear.”



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