Sydney bus drivers will launch a protest against their low wages today but instead of causing chaos for commuters, this particular strike could actually benefit some public transport users!

From Monday morning onwards, passengers on some buses travelling in Sydney’s west and north won’t have to tap on or off on the opal system, meaning that they won’t have to pay a fare for their trip.

Bus drivers will continue to refuse to charge commuters for their trips on particular routes until their pay is increased.

Drivers will also refuse to wear their uniforms as they protest what they say has been a ‘continued lack of respect’ from their employers.

Drivers from Busways in Penrith, Blacktown and Windsor depots will are among those partaking in the protest which will see commuters allowed to travel for free.

The Transport Workers Union are protesting for a new enterprise agreement, which negotiates superannuation, pay rates and other conditions.

Busways have responded to the protest in a statement, with Managing Director, Byron Rowe saying, “We have put what we believe are three fair and reasonable offers on the table over the past few months.”


However, the union does not agree and therefore have decided to target the profits of the business as a way to prompt action.

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