When Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook Live we can nearly guarantee he didn’t predict it’d be used like this.

A bloke in America decided to live-stream himself GETTING A BLOW-JOB straight to his Facebook account in what is possibly the most horrifying story of the day/ week/ month.

The video is mostly a close-up on his face – thank goodness for small mercies – but the licking of lips, weird grimaces and eventual squealing only adds to the overall creepiness.

He’s even replying to comments coming in throughout, stopping and smiling for photos before continuing his running commentary.

Oh, and he’s not happy with his servicing AT ALL; at one point he cries out and drops the camera before giving his lady a talking to.

You can watch the whole video here, which winds up with some unintelligible babbling and even more moaning, should you feel inclined.

If not, check out the new trailer for Rings instead. Much less disturbing.


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