We’ve heard of the Brisbane poo jogger and the mysterious woman who went through Vaucluse keying cars, but now it seems that there’s another serial pest on the lose traumatising the public with their weird habit and it’s more disgusting than ever.

We’ll call this one, the mysterious ferry toe nail clipper and yep their weapon of choice is exactly as it sounds. Some person, for some unknown reason is constantly clipping their toe nails while on the Manly Ferry in Sydney and we’re on the hunt to expose them.

The mystery first came about when Sydney Ferry cleaners started finding piles of the nail clippings on the same Ferry, the 8am trip from Manly to Circular Quay, every week or so. And this has been going on for SIX MONTHS!

Over half a year the ferry workers have been trying their best to catch the culprit but so far no luck. And so they turned to the Kyle and Jackie O Show for help in exposing the disgusting person behind the nasty habit.

“We have been contacted by Sydney Ferries because for nearly six months now they’ve been looking for a person who’s been doing something on the ferry that they’re quite disgusted by,”explained Jackie. “Someone is clipping their toenails and leaving them in piles on the ferry.”

Darren from Sydney Ferries is the person who contacted us for our help sniffing out the guy or girl behind the toe clippings.

He told us that it’s constantly happening on the same ferry at the same time of day and sometimes there’s so many clippings that he thinks there could be more than one person behind it!


“It’s my run so it’s the same trip in the morning,” explained Darren. “It got me thinking because sometimes it’s like I’m looking at these little piles and I go, ‘Did that come from one person or not’ and yeah it’s just gross.”

So in case you don’t understand the severity of this issue let us paint you a picture. Some sick individual is literally taking their smelly (we’re just guessing seeing as they’re gross enough to do this…) foot out of their shoe and clip their nails in public while on the way to work…

Darren said that he thinks this is no longer an act of grooming for the individual or individuals but he thinks it’s turned into a bit of a game for them.

“There’s bins all over the boat so we don’t understand. It’s like it’s a game for these guys, it’s like they know that we’re looking for whoever it is and it’s not in the one spot they do it in separate spots all over the boat,” he said. “It’s like they know we’re looking for them but can’t bust them.”

Kyle and Jackie O were absolutely disgusted by the thought of the mysterious ferry toe nail clipper and so they made it their mission to help Darren and the team at Sydney Ferries to uncover the culprit.

Now as we were doing this segment live on air it was about 7:55am meaning that the Manly Ferry in question was about to depart. And as it happened, we actually had a caller come through who thought they may have already found the person behind the horrendous act!


“We’ve got Anthony on the phone, he’s got some breaking news right now,” buzzed in Intern Pete from the producers room. Unfortunately, as soon as we crossed to Anthony, who claimed he was on the ferry and could see the culprit, he cut out!

And so the mystery continues… If you have any information about the mysterious ferry toe nail clipper send us a message or give us a call! Let’s expose this nasty bugger!