Will & Woody have proved yet again that if you’re wearing high-vis, people will pretty much believe anything you tell them! 

Will & Woody’s journey to the ARIAS part 1: Practice sneaking.

On this occasion, the boys had a specific purpose to their high-vis escapades. They’re fine-tuning their sneaking skills, in order to prepare themselves for sneaking into the 2018 ARIAS next week. This kind of tomfoolery is nothing new to the boys, who at Easter this year showed up with Christmas trees and convinced various stores that decorations were going up extra early. They also encouraged Peking Duk to don the high-vis and sneak all sorts of equipment and furniture out of their unsuspecting radio station. 

This time, they effortlessly slipped into characters Fez & Chook, two Aussie tradies who specialise in spa pump repair. And when they showed up to Ovolo Laneways Hotel armed with a clipboard and an orange tool box, clad in high-vis vests and hard hats, it was always going to be some entertaining viewing.

The aim? To talk their way into the penthouse. And what did they plan to do in the penthouse? Well, it’s completely outrageous, and you’ll just have to watch the video to find out! 

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