Image via The Daily Telegraph

High-profile businessman John Singleton has joked about bashing a woman while being filmed leaving a boozy lunchtime fight.

Mr Singleton shocked diners at an upmarket restaurant in Sydney when he lunged at old friend and fellow multimillionaire Jack Cowin.

Pictures of the incident were published by News Corp Australia.

The pair had been lunching at Kingsleys steakhouse in Woolloomooloo on Monday afternoon with musician Jon Stevens.

Video footage published by Daily Mail Australia showed an intoxicated Mr Singleton saying the fight was over a woman.

“We don’t have one,” he joked.


He then said “He was trying to find a woman to belt and I was trying to have a sex change so he could bash me.”

Amid a stream of profanities Mr Singleton also made a reference to a sex act.

When asked what he thought about violence he ran towards the camera saying “I f***ing love it”.

The video is no longer available.

Comment is being sought from Mr Singleton.




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