is an elite dating site for singles. But don’t bother signing up, you probably won’t be accepted…

This is the awful truth for over seven MILLION applicants who have been turned away from being part of the site because it was decided they weren’t hot enough.


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Tawnie from Los Angeles knows firsthand how hard it is to be a part of, after being rejected for the way she looked. The site functions on a 48-hour voting period where members of the opposite sex decide whether or not a person is attractive enough to join the site.

Since launch in 2003 there have been a whopping 7.5 million rejections to the site and that shocking statistic has sparked an even more confronting trend.


More than one in four rejected applicants have chosen to undergo extreme makeovers in the hopes of being reconsidered.

That is the case for Aleksandra Pieczek, who says her transformation has changed her life. 


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“I didn’t want to be a nobody, so I started to change my life – I changed my diet, my lifestyle, I started to be active, follwing a Mel B fitness programme, using my bike, swimming, zumbe etc.”

It seems that Aleksandra isn’t the only one who resorted to an extreme makeover in order to be accepted on the dating site. Check out some of the other before and after snaps below…



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