There aren’t too many stories that bring the entire Kyle and Jackie O team to tears, but Kayleigh’s was one of them. But Kayleigh’s story was different.

A 24-year-old single mum to three-year-old Matthew, Kayleigh could have never imagined what kind of curve ball was heading her way.


During a routine doctor’s appointment to check a suspicious-looking mole, Kayleigh’s doctor thought it best to burn off the mole, which in turn aggravated it.

By the end of the year Kayleigh was told she had melanoma cancer, and it had spread through her entire body with no signs of slowing down.

With the cost of treatments so high, Kayleigh has been using trials to get the treatment she so needs.

Unfortunately she is almost at the end of the trials she can use, and in a couple of weeks time she will have her last treatment. What happens after that we are still unsure about.


She could live for weeks, months, or longer; it’s unknown territory.

The family fear this will be their last all together, so her friend Taryn wanted to do whatever she could to make it special for Kayleigh and her family.

Her best friend since primary school, Taryn is determined to help, and contacted Kyle and Jackie O to tell us about Kayleigh’s story.

In turn, we contacted our friends at Clarendon Homes, who we teamed up with to help make this Christmas extra special for Kayleigh, her son Matthew and the rest of their family.

– We’re sending the family on a five-night cruise so they can enjoy some quality time and get pampered.


– Christmas lunch (with all the trimmings) for everyone will be taken care of, so no-one has to lift a finger.

– Toys and presents are all taken care of, with $1,000 to spoil Kayleigh and her son.

– Plus Clarendon Homes are providing $5,000 cash to put towards anything they need right now.

We wish Kayleigh and her family all the health and happiness in the world, and are keeping them in our thoughts and prayers.

If you’d like to do anything to help Kayleigh and her family, please contact

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