Harman Singh, a 22 year old Sikh man who removed his turban to restrict bleeding from the head of an injured boy has been given a deserving surprise from generous strangers.  

Singh, from Auckland, New Zealand, heard a car screech and ran outside to find Daejon Pahia bleeding from his head and badly injured. 

Without hesitation, Singh removed his turban to help Pahia, even though removal of a Turban is supposed to be in private according to the Sikh Coalition. 

The image of his act of kindness soon went viral. 

As journalists were visiting Singh to interview him about the incident, they noticed that he had very little furniture. 

Inspired by concerned comments from viewers, the staff at the Good News Network surprised Sing with a truckload of Furniture for his appartment! 

Watch the touching video of the furniture arriving at Singh’s house below! 


Source: Huffington Post

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