According to a European study, being single could have more benefits than you think!

The new research has revealed that single people are more likely to be within the healthy BMI range than their married counterparts.

The study examined more than 10,000 people and found that the average married person carried around a few extra kilos, compared to single people.

The average single man had a BMI of 25.7 and a married man 26.3; while single ladies had an average BMI of 25.1 and the brides had 25.6.

The World Health Organisation states that a healthy BMI is between 18.5 and 25.

Although married people are more likely to buy organic and unprocessed foods, the study said they paid “less attention to dietary convenience or dietary fat and body weight”.

Men typically exercise more when they are single rather than loved-up.


Although there’s a correlation between the two, the study doesn’t necessarily prove a direct link.


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