What do you get when you combine three Aussies in an interview on live radio? The LOOSEST interview ever!

And that’s exactly what happened when music sensation, and fellow Aussie, Sia joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning!

In fact, we’ve got to say she was one of our favourite interviews of all time because she was so fun and open and had no filter, just like us!

At one stage during the interview, sex was on the brain, and for once it wasn’t actually Kyle that brought it up!

Kyle was telling Sia that he’d never heard a bad word said about her when she chimed in with a comment about her own sex life.

“I’ve never heard a bad thing about you,” Kyle said. “The only thing I’ve heard is why don’t we see her more often? Why does she wear that big wig?”

“I heard, why did she stop having sex with everybody?” Sia said plainly. “That’s the one thing I heard that was bad.”


Kyle told Sia not the mention the “S word” around Jackie because she was going through a bit of a dry spell, when Sia mentioned that she’s been experiencing the same thing.

Yep, the girls really connected on the topic!

“Don’t tell Jackie that, she’s on the dry spell, just saying,” Kyle joked.

“Me too babe!” Sia laughed. “Join the club.”

“Oh I betcha mine’s long than yours,” Jackie replied.

“Is It? How long have you not had sex for?” Sia asked.


“Two years,” Jackie said, before Sia chimed in with her own answer!

“Um, hi! Four,” Sia said.

Jackie couldn’t believe it. She was in shock.

“FOUR?!” She exclaimed. “Oh my god, I don’t feel so bad, thank you Sia!

Yep, it’s always better to know you’re not alone in these situations that’s for sure!

Listen to the rest of our hilarious interview with Sia in the podcast below!