Aussie singer and songwriter Sia is currently living her best life in isolation, with her best friends living with her, going for swims everyday, occasionally making some new music and basically just having a good time.

But one thing that Sia isn’t doing, unlike a lot of people during this time at home, is she isn’t drinking because she’s completely sober.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Sia told us that she doesn’t drink anymore as she opened up about a time in her life where she struggled quite heavily with addiction.

Sia was telling us what life is like now that she’s become hugely successful and she said it’s a lot better now that she’s moved away from drugs and alcohol.

“It’s really weird and fun because it means that I can make a lot of people’s dreams come true, which is the best feeling ever,” Sia said. “Especially now that I don’t drink or do drugs. That’s the new high.”

“Do you like it now that you’re sober?” Jackie asked. “Are you glad or do you sometimes miss those days?”

Sia opened up to us about her previous struggles, saying she chose to give it all up when things got really dark in her life.


“I know that I could drink if I wanted to but I choose not to,” Sia replied. “But the drugs really just took me down really quickly. It was pain killers, you know it was opiates it was a real problem.”

“It was only about six months that I was addicted to them before I was suicidal and like, I just had to get sober.”

And so she did just that, focusing on the better things in life including her amazing music career, adopting children in need, and she’s even making a movie at the moment with Maddie Ziegler and Kate Hudson!

We’re so glad to hear that she’s doing much better now. You can hear more from our chat in the podcast below!

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