This has got to be the most random music release we’ve ever seen!

In what seems like a response to the TikTok sensation song and dance that goes ‘Carole Baskin! Killed her husband, whacked him!’, comes a song about the one and only Joe Exotic.

And who is that song by? None other than Aussie hit singer Sia!

Sia has teamed up with Maddie Ziegler, who often dances in her music videos, to release the bizarre song and music video to her socials.

“JOE EXOTIC feat. @sia – DIVA CUT (explicit)” wrote Sia in the caption on Twitter.

The song is to the same tune as the song ‘Savage’ and begins with celeb makeup artist and hairstylist Tonya Brewer singing/rapping/talking before Sia herself takes over.

In the video she’s wearing one of those T-shirt dresses with a bikini body printed on it and is of course covering up her face as usual, only this time with a big sunhat rather than a wig.


Maddie Ziegler then joins in with the next lot of lyrics.

“Directed & written by @TheTonyaBrewer, co-written by @maddieziegler. Inspired by @theestallion #Savage,” Sia’s caption continues.

While it’s pretty random, it seems the the Tiger King inspired video is all for a good cause, with Sia then asking people to donate to national animal welfare charity Humane Society.

Check it out for yourself in the video above! We wonder how long it will take until this version becomes a dance sensation on TikTok.

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