With the deep-rooted history around Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, Justin’s girlfriends have always felt as if they’re trying to measure up.

Hailey Baldwin is Justin’s newest fling. Despite knowing each other for years, Justin and Hailey never took the step from friends to relationship.

They’ve been hanging out, going to church and heading to clubs but only recently have they made it official.

Even though Selena and Justin were spotted together for a short time, not too long ago, it didn’t last long (when does it ever), and Selena jetted off to Europe and got cosy with hot Italian boys. 

A friend of Hailey’s has said, “Hailey has wanted this with Justin for years. When Justin seemed happy with Selena, it was hard. Now, that the tables have turned, Hailey is not worried that Selena may be watching.”

It seems as if Selena is unbothered by this HOWEVER, her most recent song ‘Back To You’ from the 13 Reasons Why Season 2 Soundtrack sounds reaaaaal sus.

Maybe Hailey should watch her back after all…

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