Keen calender checkers probably already know, but just in case you didn’t, ANZAC day doesn’t mean a long weekend this year. At least, not for us in NSW.

The historic day falls on a Saturday this year, meaning that we don’t get an extra day off to honour our diggers as we normally do. A little strange, seeing as 2015 marks the 100 year anniversary.

Many Australians are hoping for a late change to the calender, however this would force many businesses to pay penalty rates were they to open and throw business planning into turmoil.

Greens MLC David Shoebridge and representatives from the CFMEU and fire brigades union launched a last-minute bid yesterday to have the Monday marked as an official public holiday.

The officials have also been urging NSW Premier Mike Baird to make the change.

Currently, Western Australia is the only state or territory to do it.

“We think it’s not showing sufficient respect to Anzac Day,” Shoebridge said of the current NSW arrangements.


“We think working people deserve the day off with their family — time to think about some of those key things about Australia; what it means to be Australian, what it means to respect the sacrifice and gather together and say ‘never again’.”

Interestingly, the change could happen, if the Premier were to decide to go ahead with the change.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Public holidays are usually declared up to two years in advance but the state government needs only give seven days’ notice to create additional holidays.

However, NSW Business Chamber CEO Stephen Cartwright criticised the Greens and unions’ call, saying it was too late.

SOURCE: The Daily Telegraph

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