Many women who have used a “Teatox” product to lose weight have become unexpectedly pregnant, to their shock.

The UK product called “Bootea” is used by thousands of women including celebrities to lose weight by flushing out the digestive system.

The laxative effect can stop the Pill being absorbed into the bloodstream – whoops!

Women who have inadvertently ended up pregnant after using the tea, claim there isn’t enough warning on the packaging to use other forms of contraception.

According to the Daily Mail, a 26-year-old woman is six months pregnant after using the tea after Christmas last year.

“I am over the moon now, but I was shocked and worried at first to say the least. I am regimental about taking my pill and my first reaction was ‘how has this happened?’

“I’m 26 years old, I’ve got a career and I’m saving for a mortgage. Having a baby was on the cards, but not just now or even this year,” saleswoman Naomi Salt told the Daily Mail.


After her initial shock, a friend showed her a warning on the Bootea website.

This warning is not prominently placed on the page, and does not come on the packaging. 

“It is irresponsible, they’ve got a duty of care to young women like myself. Bootea assumes people check the website but not everyone will,” Ms Salt said.

The UK-based company warns that some of their cleanses have a “laxative effect”, and most oral contraceptive pills warn that diarrhoea can reduce the effectiveness of the pill. 

Dr Sarah Hardman, deputy director of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare in London told the Daily Mail:


“The suggestion from the manufacturer is that the Pill is just being washed through your system too fast. You may not be absorbing your pill correctly and it may be the effectiveness of it is reduced.

“The guidelines that come with the combined oral contraceptive pill say that if you have diarrhoea within four hours of taking it the effectiveness cannot be guaranteed, so you should be using additional precautions as well.

“Ideally Bootea would mention this on the packaging, but if women are taking something that is not a prescribed medication then they have to take responsibility for looking at the potential risks.”

Celebrities have promoted the tea over Instagram:

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