Kyle’s not usually one to be jealous of other people. In fact, as a guy who earns his living talking into a gold microphone, driving around in a Rolls Royce and being waited on hand and foot by his butler, we’d say that he really doesn’t have any need to be.

But as it turns out, the one time that the little green monster actually did began to creep up on King Kyle is when he was chatting to 19 year-old singer Shawn Mendes.

And nope it’s not because the youngster has the voice of an angel or the looks of an absolute dream boat. Kyle was jealous of Shawn because he’s met the one celebrity that Kyle wishes he could meet. Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II.

While speaking with Shawn on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, Kyle revealed his hint of jealousy to the ‘In My Blood’ singer.

“I am jealous of one thing of you, one thing,” revealed Kyle. “I love everything about you , but very jealous that you were at the Queen’s 92nd birthday. Love the Queen, I’m very much a royalist.”


Now usually when someone tells you that they’re jealous of you, typically you would try to make the person feel better. Encourage them. Tell them, ‘I’m sure you’ll achieve you dream of meeting the Queen one day’.

But Shawn, clearly the jokester, decided to poke fun at Kyle instead, and honestly this made us love him even more. “It’s something you should be jealous of, it was very very cool,” he replied.

Shawn Mendes was among other stars like Sting and Kylie Minogue asked to perform at a celebration for the Queen’s birthday back in April. But as it turns out, Shawn’s meeting with Queen Lizzie didn’t really go according to plan. In fact, it was kinda awkward!

Find out what happened when the singer and the world’s oldest and longest-reigning living monarch met for the first time in the video above!

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