A few weeks ago true blue Aussie singer Shannon Noll was making headlines for all the wrong reasons after footage of him going on an angry rant at an audience member at his concert went viral.

In the video, Nollsie could be heard threatening the person in question, calling them names and yelling expletives while on stage at the Duck Creek Picnic Races in Nyngan NSW.

It was alleged that the explosive tirade from Shannon was brought on after the patron threw a beer can onto the stage and nearly hit the singer. However, while speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Nollsie revealed that his anger was caused by far more than this.

“We walked out, before I even got to the mic a can nearly hit me in the chest,” started Shannon. “We played for 80 minutes and there was no less than 25 to 30 cans thrown on stage while we were playing.”

WATCH: Shannon Noll Goes Mental & Threatens To Punch AUDEICNE MEMBER AT GIG


Shannon also said that a lot of his anger stemmed from the fact that he was terrified by the incident after his keyboard player was nearly badly injured at a gig during a similar incident.

“They were hitting the stage and just exploding,” continued Noll. “And after my keyboard player nearly had his foot blown off by someone trowing a cracker a few years ago, it was sort of a very scary situation.”

Despite all of this, Shannon did say that there was no excuse for the way that he reacted and shouted at the person in the crowd but said that he felt the need to say something because he didn’t want to be forced to cut the concert short.


“I didn’t want to go off, anyone should have gone off but I just thought that’d hurt the event,” he said. “I went way too far.”

After the footage of Nollsie threatening the audience member at the gig in question on 7th July went viral, Nollsie took to his Facebook page to release an apology for his behaviour.

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