Despite receiving enormous amounts of backlash the last time he went on a rant, Shannon Noll is clearly never going to stop speaking his mind during his gigs.

Just a month after the ‘What About Me’ singer absolutely lost his sh*t at the audience after a number of beer cans were thrown onstage during his performance in Nyngan, Nollsie has gone on another explosive rant during a show at Penrith Panthers Leagues Club over the weekend.

However, this time he’s taken aim at the media.

Back in July, footage of the former Australian Idol contestant went viral after he started yelling expletives and threatened an audience member. He later apologised for his behaviour on social media.

Shannon Noll Goes Mental And Threatens To Punch Audience Member At Gig


It was originally reported that the rant was sparked by a beer can being thrown on stage, but Nollsie later revealed to the Kyle and Jackie O show exclusively that the media hadn’t reported on the whole story.

“Before I even got to the mic a can nearly hit me in the chest and then we played for 80 minutes and there was no less than 25-30 cans thrown on stage while we were playing,” Nollsie told us.

Shannon Noll Tells Kyle And Jackie O What Really Happened When He Lost It At Concert


And while we gave Nollsie the opportunity and the platform to give his point of view and clarify what really happened that night, it appears that he’s definitely not over the incident and is continuing to defend himself a month later.

During his show in Penrith Shannon said that he was sick of the “media bullsh*t”, saying that they didn’t report on the whole story.

“They all made out like it was just one can, you know what I mean?,” he said. “We were there for 80 minutes and there were 35 cans thrown at us onstage. So it wasn’t just the one that was reported.”

But it didn’t end there. As his set moved into the song ‘Lift’ Shannon continued his rant, this time calling the media “big-mouthed wankers”.

“This song’s done more good than any of you big-mouthed wankers will ever do with their whole friggin’ lives, I don’t care, they can say whatever they want.”


Reports have also suggested that Nollsie was continuing to go on about the original ordeal just a few weeks ago at a Gold Coast gig, telling the crowd that he wanted to bash the “wanker” who hit him with a beer can.

Yeah so we don’t reckon he’s going to be moving past this topic anytime soon! Although to be fair, anyone would get pretty annoyed if they were hit by a flying beer can so we kinda get it…But still maybe it’s time to take a chill pill ol’ Nollsie. 

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