They hailed their birth of a fourth child as a ‘miracle’ in June, following a ‘scary’ delivery.

And Seven Year Switch stars Ran and Cassie have again found themselves at the centre of a health scare with their five-month-old daughter Mena Lee Thisleton this week.

The couple shared an Instagram photo on Thursday with the former Channel Seven stars rushing their baby to the hospital in an ambulance due to stroke-like symptoms . However, the incident turned out to be a false alarm.

‘Tricked you Mumma and Dadda just wanted to check out these shiny bright and noisy Ambulance things…,’ the post began.

‘When your baby starts behaving as though she is having a stroke, scares the bejeebus out of Mum and Dad, baffles the Ambo’s and ED staff then the nurse stumbles upon a SCRATCH ON THE EYEBALL.

‘Obviously, the best outcome but nerves are shot after last night’s events,’ they added.

The couple admitted they were nervous in June after Baby Mena was forced to spend a ‘short time’ in special care following her birth.


The couple eventually took their newborn home after getting clearance from doctors and the toddler is now said to be in good health.

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