A seven-year-old boy won’t be getting pocket money for a while…

A mum in New South Wales has been left with the surprise of her life after her seven-year-old purchased a rare ‘Golden Banana’ Stickeez for $10,000 on eBay. 

Donna Jacob’s son, who has autism, was desperate to add one of the forbidden toys to his collection and when he found it online, was able to buy it due to his mum’s credit card details being saved on the computer. 

The 47-year-old only discovered the purchase the next day when she received the confirmation email. 

“I think it’s just ludicrous this could happen,” she said.

“It’s certainly nothing we’ve budgeted for and nothing we can afford.”

While eBay, PayPal and the seller initially refused to give her a refund, after a report on Channel 7 last night, eBay agreed to reverse the sale. 


In a statement, eBay said: “eBay understands there are unique circumstances in this case. As a result, the buyer will receive a refund for the purchase.”

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