Parents want to do everything they can to make sure their children are getting the most out of their education.

According to Mamamia, they reveal seven simple ways parents can help children do better at school.

1. Keep a positive attitude about education

If you can be enthusiastic about your child’s learning, then it’s likely they will be too. Help them understand the importance of being at school, and if you practice good learning with them at home, then they’ll experience a great education. 

2. Discover technology together

Get your child involved in the ways that we use everyday technologies like apps, mobile phones and the internet. 

If your child is a little more tech-savvy, teach them about coding and video game design (if you know how!).


You can even teach them about the technologies you grew up with – hello, VHS and Walkmans!

3. Make Maths fun

Depending on how old your child is, use everyday activities to make Maths a little less boring – get out a recipe book and help them learn their measurements.

If you make it a game, they’ll want to learn.

4. Educate your kids about their place in the world

Teach your kids about the world around them. Talk about what they have in common with their classmates, with focus on how they are similar, not different.


Kids love learning about different countries and where they are in the world – teach them about some flags.

5. Encourage your child to read

Practice makes perfect! If your child makes reading a habit at home, they’ll progress easily in class. Find out what they’re interested in and incorporate it into their routine.

6. Meet your child’s teacher

Although this seems obvious, sometimes it can be hard to form a connection once your child gets older.


If you’re in contact with the teacher, there will be opportunity to tackle any issues before they become problematic.

7. Keep communication open with your child

Life gets busy, but keeping communication open with your kids is key.

Make it a habit to have a chat with them before bed each night – maybe they’ll divulge more info because they want to stay up past their bedtime?

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