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It may be because we’re still #TeamBella – or maybe just because we’re far too cynical – but we’re not buying this Selena Gomez and The Weeknd thing.

The lovebirds have pulled a total Hiddle-Swift and have jetted off to Italy to wander the streets, hand in hand, acting totally loved up in front of the paps. 

Selena, if it didn’t work for Taylor and Tom, it’s not going to work for you.

So young Sel has pulled out the very last stop – making it Instagram official.


The short black-and-white clip shows The Weeknd – real name Abel – sitting in the back of a water taxi and is terribly ~arty~, but it’s the caption, a heart-eye emoji, that’s grabbed most people’s attention.

AND THEN SHE DELETED IT! What does it mean?!

We’re ready to be proved wrong on this one, obviously, but we’re not going to be terribly surprised if the Abelena light burns hot, bright and very, very quickly. 

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