OK, before we go any further, we just want to say that a) we love Selena Gomez from here to Mars and b) we’re super stoked that she seems to be pulling through a pretty tough 2016, coming out of her three-month rehab stay looking happy and healthy.

So when we heard the 24-year-old had been snapped pashing the face off her new beau we got all kinds of excited – until we saw who it was.

Because we also love the heck out of his ex-girlfriend and, to be completely honest, fully expected them to get back together.

But these pics of Selena and The Weeknd seem to have entirely dashed our hopes.

See what we mean about conflicted?

On top of that, Selena and Bella’s sister, Gigi, are pretty close, which may make further squad gatherings just that tiny bit more awkward.


You can’t deny that the girl looks absolutely delighted with herself, though; we can’t wait to hear how they ended up together.

TMZ have all of the pics here, if your heart can stand it.

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