With just under 140 million followers on Instagram (which is more than the population of Italy, France and Switzerland combined), the reigning queen of Instagram, Selena Gomez has smashed yet another major social media milestone. 

Last year, the 26-year-old lost the title of having the most ‘liked’ photo on the platform to Beyoncé, who follows zero people and has 116 million followers.

The two images that scored Bey the top spot were uploaded back in 2017, and featured her infamous pregnancy photo followed by the very first photos of Sir and Rumi Carter. How many likes did they receive? A mere 6.4 million in the span of a few hours, with the latter hitting 7.8 million double-taps in its first 12 hours online.

No biggie. 


While Queen Bey still holds the title of having the most ‘liked’ photos of 2017, Selena has well and truly beat her record for 2018.

A couple of days ago, the ‘Back to You’ singer uploaded some gorgeous snaps from her 26th birthday party, and garnered a lot of attention.

So, how many ‘likes’ did it receive? A whopping one million in less than 13 minutes! While we already know Beyoncé is a Queen in her own right, Selena is undoubtedly the queen of Instagram. 


But, how long will Selena Gomez’s record stand?
Watch this space. 

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