Nick Kyrgios is known for his lovely demeanor and gentle personality.

Wait no, wrong guy.

Resident tennis bad boy Nick Kyrgios made his debut on Australian Ninja Warrior early this week and apparently… it left a lot to be desired.

But that could be down to editing because according to 9Now, co-star Shane Crawford said Kyrios was very excited to be there and he was like a ‘kid at a carnival’ on set.

‘I loved having him there and I think he really loved being there,’ the footballer said, “‘He’s sort of like a big kid coming to a carnival for the first time because he’s watched the show before and he liked the show.”

Being a huge fan of the show, apparently, Kyrgios was pretty keen to do the obstacles himself and Crawford became somewhat of a chaperone, “I was more of a chaperone to make sure that he didn’t go on any of the obstacles because they didn’t want him to hurt himself or affect any of his tennis because he was heading away overseas at the end of filming to get back on the tennis circuit,” Shane revealed.

Which is very very very adorable!



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