If you’re anything like me, odds are there’s a TV show you’re pretty much obsessed with. You relate to the characters, are constantly grabbed by the storyline – and pretty much would give anything to spend a day – or a lifetime – in their world.

There’s a man in China who took his love of FRIENDS to the next level. Gunther (yes, that is his name), became a fan of FRIENDS when his previous girlfriend left him. He was devastated until a friend told him to start watching FRIENDS as a means of feeling better and moving on. Soon enough, he was hooked.

Now, he has a wife, funnily enough named Rachel and a son, who’s American name is Joey. He models his relationship on how Chandler and Monica interact and he and his regulars describe the show as their childhood.

He also opened his own Central Perk in China.

Check out the video below


Video via i-D Youtube

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