She denied ever dating him, but now text messages between 26-year-old model Ashley Kirk and 73-year-old Geoffrey Edelsten have emerged.

The messages show the 26-year-old begging for help with her bills as she sends the wealthy doctor her ‘press kit’ because she needs ‘to make millions’.

The surprising part is that Geoffrey has confirmed to the Daily Mail Australia that the messages are authentic, and has expressed his disappointment in the whole situation, which saw Kirk deny they were ever together.

‘She just told lies,’ he explained on Monday. ‘I don’t have anything to do with her anymore, I don’t respect her, and that’s it.’

In one bizarre message, Ashley claimed ‘everyone says I look like Margot Robbie’ and that she was almost cast in the Wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Belfort himself because of it.


The messages feature a number of requests from Kirk, who needs money to cover her rent and pay her phone bills.

Edelsten appears to struggle with texting her back, asking to call her instead.

He then tells her he is ‘going to make her life fantastic’ in between messages of the pair telling how much they love each other.

When asking for money, Kirk backs up her request for cash with the fact that she’s ‘tried to stay with him and have been loyal’.


However, Edelsten continues to convert her requests for cash into Australian dollars, calling it ‘too much’ because he has a wife from five years ago that he has to pay ‘spousal maintenance’ for.

Throughout the range of back and forth messages between the pair, Geoffrey gloated to the busty beauty about transforming her life into something ‘fantastic’.

She explained to the former doctor she wants to be a ‘successful business woman,’ he replied: ‘I believe you will be a fantastic success’.

‘I love you Ashley and I want to do all I can for you and be part of your life,’ he continued to gush.

Source: Daily Mail

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