Yesterday was scorching hot for SO many reasons.

For starters, temperatures reached 40 degrees in some parts of Sydney.

And as if that wasn’t already hot enough, Scott Eastwood shared this Instagram photo. 

Scott Eastwood. Shirtless. Cooling off in Sydney… Do I need to say more?

Just wait for it…… #Australia #daysoff @hwangdoggy

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The actor, who is currently in Sydney shooting his latest film Pacific Rim: Maelstrom, cooled off in the scorching heat at Sydney’s famous Figure Eight pools in the Royal National Park. 

The only down side to this whole situation is the large group of bikini babes surrounding him. (Why can’t it be me?) 

Scott’s dip in the Figure Eight pool comes after the National Parks and Wildlife Service issued a serious warning for the popular swimming hole.


They warned people not to venture to the pools as they are no longer safe, due to huge swells and freak waves which smash the site.

PLEASE be careful Scott!

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