Last week we were shocked by the news that Scott Cam’s name isn’t actually Scott Cam! Well technically anyway…

It was reported that the carpenter turned entertainment personality’s last name is actually Caminetti, however, the reason behind his now shortened last name was not known.

And so when Scotty came in studio this morning to chat with Kyle and Beau Ryan, who was filling in for Jackie this morning, we decided to ask him why he chose to use the shortened version of his last name.

“Scotty we just had you in the pop quiz, and you were won of the questions,” said Beau. “It said, ‘Scott Cam, what is his real last name?’ and no one had a clue.”

And while many people speculated that it had something to do with creating more of a “stage name” for his life on Aussie television, the host of The Block told us that it wasn’t his choice to change it at all! In fact, it’s kind of ancient history.

“My father’s side was Italian, they came here in 1882,” explained Scotty. “So been here for five or six generations and the name was changed during the war cause we’re fishermen, our family, my dad and his dad, and his dad.

“And so because the Italian’s were the enemy during the war so they changed the name of the business to ‘Cam and Sons’ from ‘Caminetti and Sons’. So my dad, he was Alan Cam.”


So really, Scott had no choice in the matter! He explained that he’s been a Cam his entire life but that it wouldn’t have bothered him if he did have a more complex last name with his life in the media. ]

“No I didn’t change it, it was changed before I was even born,” he said. “It wouldn’t worry me in the slightest. My son is Charlie Rocko Cam after his great-great grandfather.”

Well there you go, how about a bit of family history for your Monday morning! Listen to Scotty’s full interview with the guys in the video above.

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