It might not seem like it right now since it’s spring and we’re sitting in cloudy and freezing weather, but according to the experts we’ve got a scorching hot summer on the way.

And while yes this means more beach days and days relaxing by the pool, it also means one of our worst nightmares…bugs and spiders will be marching out of their hidey-holes and taking over Australia in the expected sweltering conditions.

According to Bryce Peters, an expert on urban entomology and pest control at the University of Technology Sydney, warmer temperatures means more creepy crawlies.

“Insects don’t control their own body temperature that’s done by the absent temperatures,” he told Daily Mail Australia. “The warmer it is, the more active insects are and the faster they breed. Heat and humidity will certainly affect their populations.”

Oh joy…

Mr Peters also said that if the populations of insects increase than so too will that of spiders including redbacks and huntsmen.

“Spiders are relying on the insect population to get their food. The insects then will support the spider population. The two go hand-in-glove,” continued Mr Peters. “The warmer it is, the better the insects will do. The better they do, the more spiders do.”


And well, if you think that’s bad, it only gets worse from there. Not only will the hot dry weather bring more bugs and spiders, but Michael McNelis, owner of BugStop Newcastle, told Daily Mail Australia that cockroaches love the heat too!

“The cockroaches, they’re going into their breeding season now, the bigger ones,” he said. “I would expect in the next month or so, then they’re going to be all coming out a lot more than now.”

And while Mr McNelis said that last year saw an all time high in the amount of creepy crawlies about, he says that this year will be even worse.

“Last year was pretty big compared to the few years before that. It’s been even more abnormal weather [this year],” said Mr McNelis.

Well then…the cold weather this week isn’t seeming so bad is it? But unfortunately it’s not going to last. From October to December, people across Australia can expect temperatures to be uncomfortably hot most days and even continue to soar most nights.

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