Imagine being the first guy on the team to road test this latest invention?

Scientists in Belgium have come up with a way to make it possible for you to drink your own wee, in beer form.

They’ve invested a device that collects urine in a large tank and they heat it using a solar-powered boiler.

The heated urine then passes through a membrane and the water is separated from the waste material.

This water can then be repurposed.

In fact at a recent Belgian music festival, the water collected from party-goers (1,000 litres of it) will now be used to make some very unusual, but very drinkable, Belgian beer.


Dr Sebastiaan Derese worked on the device and he calls the process ‘from sewer to brewer.’

It could go on to be used in sports venues or even airports to transform collected urine into water!

However the researchers hope that it could have longer term uses and that their technique will be applied in rural areas and developing countries where fertilisers and reliable drinking water are short in supply.

Source Daily Mail

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