We know the feeling(s) all too well. Headaches, nausea, tiredness, muscle aches, dizziness, the shakes, AND if it was a REALLY good night, vomiting might also be involved.

And now science has come up with the perfect formula to beat a hangover.

Deliveroo has teamed up with professional nutritionist, Amanda Hamilton, to formulate the perfect equation all Aussie’s need to follow to help them recover from those pesky (and painful) hangovers.

“The science of a hangover is a shaky, sore-head inducing mixture of dehydration, mineral loss, low blood sugar and the toxic after effects of alcohol,” Amanda explains.

“Hydrating with food can counteract dehydration and nutrient loss, as well as helping to balance energy levels.”

Oh, and did we mention there’s no green smoothie in sight?

Here is the equation…


X (C2H5OH ++) = Y (B x 2 + 20gP) + (+ AV + rk2 + SPF x 10)

If you’re not the best at maths, we’ve broken it down for you…

X = too many units of alcohol


Y = hangover help

B x 2 = The bread bun, obviously. Sourdough easier on dodgy digestion, wholemeal is the healthiest. 

20gP = 20 grams of lean protein to satisfy hunger and balance blood sugar. Red meat also boosts iron.

AV = avocado to boost depleted potassium levels.

rk2 = Rocket, lots of. The more bitter greens like rocket you can add, the more help you will give your poor liver.

SPF x 10 = A handful of sweet potato fries for a B6 boost, helping to reduce nausea and balance blood sugar.


You’re welcome!


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