You know how when you watch a scary movie, you take comfort in the fact that it’s not actually real?

Well for Melbourne commuters today, it seemed as if their worst nightmares had come to life.

A teenager dressed up as a clown took a trip on a train in costume. A bystander told the ABC that the man stared down bystanders who were looking at him at the train station.

The father of the 14-year-old man told the Daily Mail that his clown mask had now been confiscated and he and his son’s mother were considering grounding him “until he was 30” – after they apologised to the public.

‘The boy is a bit of a prankster and showman, but would never hurt a fly and I’m sure he doesn’t realise the impact he’s had on people.’

‘I apologise to anyone affected by the incident and it saddens me to think my son has upset people in this manner, however I am deeply concerned for my son’s wellbeing.’


‘I would therefore appreciate everyone leaving this be so he can be dealt with in the proper manner, by his parents and not by trial over media.’

The teenager, who his father has chosen not to name in a bid to protect him,  was said to have been studying a weekend course at the National Institute Of Circus Arts (NICA) in Prahan.


Source: Daily Mail

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