SAS Instructor Ollie Ollerton has revealed to Daily Mail Australia why James Magnussun was deemed not capable as an SAS soldier despite finishing the course.

Ollerton revealed it was down to one main reason…

“They were a very, very strong bunch at the end. He was against some real stiff competition.”

“He didn’t seem like he would be an obvious team player, and that’s no disrespect to James, it’s the sport that he comes from.”

“It’s all him, everything’s him, and he just inherits that behaviour.”

“It’s something he subconsciously does, so you’ve got to have a team player that really takes everyone else in around them.”

Ollie admitted to the publication that it took himself a couple of attempts before he passed his own SAS selection course and encourages James to try again.


“I’d love to see him come back, but I don’t think the show will allow that…But if it was for real, I’d be saying to him, please come back. I’d be pleading with him to make sure he comes back and gives it another go.”



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