While we thought today was going to be round three of the Kyle and Samantha Markle feud, it seems that that there’s no hard feelings between these two anymore after they kissed and made up live on air this morning… Literally!

You may remember that Kyle’s feud with Meghan Markle’s sister began back in 2017 when she joined the Kyle and Jackie O show to talk about her book. Kyle got so annoyed with Samantha that he hung up on her before she could barely say a couple of sentences!

Then just last week we had contact with Samantha again, this time over email exchange, with Samantha telling us that the only way she would agree to come on air with us again would be if Kyle agreed to wear nothing but a nappy… Odd we know.

Despite the strange request, and Kyle definitely not agreeing to go through with it, Samantha decided to join the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning. But there were no hard feelings here!

“I never thought we’d get you back on air Samantha, I’ve got to say,” Jackie told Samantha this morning. “I didn’t think I’d see this day.

“No it’s all good,” Samantha began. “I realise after talking to the producer and even after the show, I’ve figured Kyle out.

“I couldn’t hold a grudge. First of all I know that’s just your flirty side, but second of all… I just thought, ‘Oh he’s just a big softy’ and it is what it is.’.”


Later on in the chat, Samantha and Kyle even went as far as to literally kiss and make up! Or as literally as you can over the phone.

Samantha told Kyle that she’d send him a signed copy of her upcoming book if she could have one thing in return from him…

“I’ll give you a signed copy if I get a great big smooch,” she told Kyle.

Kyle, being the people pleaser that he is, went along with it, sending Samantha a big old “MWAH” down the line!

That’s certainly not where we saw this going that’s for sure! Hear more from our chat with Samantha Markle in the podcast below!

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