Samantha Jade is one of the most beautiful women in Australia, there’s no doubt about it.

And right now, we’ve got serious body envy.

She’s just been photographed on the set of Home & Away in a pair of flared jeans, and a burgundy jacket and some noticeable womanly curves.

HOT, right?

As other women, like Ruby Rose and Gigi Hadid have been in the spotlight for losing an alarming amount of weight, it’s women like Sam Jade that remind us how attractive a few curves can be.


When speaking to New Idea magazine back in January this year, Sammy revealed: ‘I don’t believe in starving yourself’.

‘I’m obsessed with chocolate, I have chocolate every night – that’s my little treat at the end of the day,’ she said, adding: ‘I also love hot chips with chicken salt – that’s my guilty pleasure. Especially when I’m hungover!’

Think I’ll follow her lead.

Onya Sammy!


Source: Daily Mail

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