When you’re single there’s one inevitable question that always comes up – “is there anyone ‘special’ in your life?”.

For single females over thirty, the question becomes even more poignant.

But if you’re a single female, over thirty, working in the public spotlight, it’s a question that quickly morphs into tabloid headlines.

It’s a situation Samantha Armytage knows too well.

The Sunrise host has found herself the topic of many headlines speculating about her love life.

One of the photos that sparked previous speculation…


But after the most recent, speculating she’d found love with Channel 7 journalist Peter Fegan, it seems Sam’s had enough!

Taking to Instagram, the 40-year-old slammed the rumours with one brilliant photo.

Proudly showing off her t-shirt, Sam confirmed “No, I’m not dating anyone” but “Yes, I do want another slice of pie” (we hear yah!).

She followed it up by telling fans just because she’s standing next to someone, it doesn’t mean she’s dating them.


“In the past week or so, according to the gossips, I’ve been ‘in love with’; a gay colleague, a straight colleague, a bloke I stood next to at the races 3 months ago, a Gladiator, a British boy-band member & 17 other people I’ve never met,” she joked.

“All these men, & I have a bedtime of 7.30pm…..I’m amaaaazing 😂😂😂. (Why haven’t they linked me to Prince Harry yet!? I’m insulted…….😂).”

And if that’s not enough to quell the Peter Fegan rumours, we can confirm a ‘source’ close to the journalist says it’s all bull.

Now, if only we could use the Prince Harry line in our own lives…

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