It’s been a big week for Samantha Armytage.

On top of being the host of Sunrise and generally kick-ass woman, she’s had to deal with being stalked by paparazzi and making multiple headlines.

First it was her latest supposed “fling” with another journo and then it was that notorious article about her “granny panties that had the women of the nation going wild.

After dealing with the relationship rumours in one snappy Instagram post, she’s back with a post to deal with those granny knickers.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday night, Sam shared a photo with the message “Dear Karma, I have a list of people you missed”.

Oh sorry, what’s that? You’re not done yet? Excellent….. onwards. 😂

A photo posted by Samantha Armytage (@sam_armytage) on


Accompanying the photo, she wrote “Oh sorry, what’s that? You’re not done yet? Excellent….. onwards”.

Well it’s not hard to work out who that’s directed at!

Now here’s to a weekend on chilling in our own granny panties – and not because it’s wash day. They’re damn comfortable, okay?!

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