A few days ago when Heather came in to see Kyle and Jackie O, she revealed that she got the heads up ‘very briefly’ that Sam would be kissing another girl in the night’s episode.

However, when we had Snezana on the show recently, she revealed that she definitely did not get any kind of ‘heads up’ from Sam – and in fact, “haven’t spoken to him since filming ended.”

So today, we had Sam Wood on the show to address the rumours, and he revealed that he had not been giving anyone – Heather included – the ‘heads up’ about any kind of kiss.

“That’s not true, I haven’t been speaking to Heather.”


When asked about the fact that Emily was concerned she had been portrayed as the villain on the show,

“It was good but it was a bit of an awkward date. That’s Emily and my relationship in a nutshell; hot and cold.”

Well, the mystery continues!

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