Well there’s no doubt about it, Sam Smith has created another banger after teaming up with Demi Lovato for their new song ‘I’m Ready’.

The boppy track was released just this morning at 9am and we’re not going to lie we’re already obsessed.

It’s a new sound from Sam Smith, who typically comes out with songs that are more ballads that dance tracks, and when listening to it we instantly felt a connection to someone we’d call the Queen of pop dance music.

And apparently we were right! Sam joined KIIS FM’s Mitch Churi to chat about the song when he revealed that I’m Ready has a definite influence from none other than Miss Britney Spears!

Yep, go back and listen to the song again and no doubt you’ll hear it!

“[It’s] a song that feels big and pop and Britney and powerful,” Sam told Mitch.

“It is very Britney that song! It’s very Britney!” Mitch replied.


“Yeah it’s like femme fatale,” Sam said. “I love Britney Spears. I’d get in the studio with her any day. I love her.”

Just take a moment to imagine what THAT masterpiece with Britney and Sam combined would sound like!

Sam also spoke very highly about working with Demi Lovato on this track, and said that he’s loved Demi’s work for a long time so it was a dream to create something together with her.

“We hung out, I love her very much,” Sam said. “We’ve become friends and she’s just such a special, special person through and through.

“I’m so lucky that everyone on this album with me, it feels like an organic relationship and again Demi has got me through so much with her music so to have her on this record… that meant a lot to me.”

You can listen to ‘I’m Ready’ right now and Keep KIIS Loud to hear it play right across the day! (Also Sam we’ll be waiting for that Collab with Britney… Please make it happen!)


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