At the moment as the coronavirus pandemic has forced the lockdown of numerous countries, things like concerts and music tours have had to be put on hold.

In the physical sense at least, with many artists coming together to put on virtual concerts to help raise money and awareness so that we can all get through this together.

But it looks like our musicians are already looking into the future and making plans for a time when we can all physically come together to enjoy music once again, and mega star Sam Smith is one of them!

Sam joined the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning when they told us that they’ve found it pretty tough to keep motivated and do anything other than sit on the couch during self-isolation.

But despite the lack of motivation, Sam told us that they have put together “loose plans” for what he will do when the restrictions lift and we can go back to normal. And no doubt one of those things will be a tour due to the AMZING songs they are bringing out at the moment.

“Are you just sort of sitting here plotting what you’re going to do when we get out?” Kyle asked.


“Yeah I’m, do you know what, I’ve got everything ready to go when it needs to go and we’ve got like a loose plan of things but you’ve just got to see what the landscape is for music,” Sam told us.

“You know, how long it’s going take people to be able to see live shows again and you know just the mood of people and the public. So I think it’s a waiting game for everyone involved right now… It might be quite a bit longer.”

But as for now, Sam is loving taking part in the virtual concerts, as they took part in Lady Gaga’s One World Together At Home extravaganza over the weekend, saying that it’s incredible how music can bring everyone together.

“I got the call from Global Citizen… and them and Gaga, they did such an incredible job. It was so inspiring and wonderful,” Sam said. “And just the power of music and the power of everyone to get together and singing, it’s so special.”

Well free to keep the online performances coming Sam, and we’ll see you in concert one day soon when it’s once again safe to do so.


Hear our full chat with Sam Smith in the podcast below!

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